Welcome to Little Forest Folk Barnes

Every day we meet our full day children at Rocks Lane Multi Sport Centre in Barnes for breakfast. After a hearty and filling breakfast we will don our waterproofs and walk across the rugby field to our magical forest setting.

Activities in the forest can range from creating mud pies, treasure hunts, bark rubbing, mini beast exploration, experimenting with science, dressing up and creative role play to reading stories, mark making and mathematics in the forest. We are always on the move, balancing, running, climbing, coordinating and are always learning more about our world. 

We enjoy our morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack out in the forest, then towards late afternoon we make our short walk back to Rocks Lane Tennis Pavilion. Here we take time to reflect upon our day and discuss with the children what they enjoyed the most, using these discussions to help us plan our activities for the next day. 

On Mondays our little ones will be working on their hand/eye coordination and learning sporting techniques in their tennis and multisport lessons. These lessons will be led by tennis coaches from Rock’s Lane who will through fun and playful games help our children develop their ball skills. Who knows if we may spot the next Andy Murray!
On Fridays our little ones will be enjoying cookery lessons. These are really important to us at Little Forest Folk as we work hard to develop the concept of healthy lifestyles to the children where we are actively regularly and eat a healthy diet. Our cookery lessons are a wonderful opportunity to expand children’s interest in their food whilst usually getting a bit messy! We follow a fortnightly cookery lesson programme where one week the children focus on practical cookery skills such as using tools, chopping vegetables and much more. Then the next week we prepare delicious goodies to bring home

We take children once they have turned two and we have a cosy rest area available for those children who need time during the day to relax or catch a quick cat nap. We do however recommend to get the most out of our forest experience that children wait to join us in the forest until they have dropped their long nap or are able to manage with a shorter sleep to ensure they don’t miss out on all our forest action.

In order to keep our experience magical for the children we limit the number of children attending each day to 20 children.

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Rocks Lane Multi Sports Centre (opposite Ranelagh Ave), SW13 0DG

We are based in the Rocks Lane Tennis Pavilion centre in a brand new fantastic space with wonderful views over the fields and forest. Our beautiful forest area is just a few minutes walk away across fields and contains a great variety of vegetation giving us an incredible environment to laugh, play and learn.

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Drop off address

Rocks Lane Multi Sports Centre,

SW13 0DG

Green space address

Putney common


Meet The Team

Our wonderful Barnes team is managed by Charlie and deputy managed by Otis.  To learn more about the Barnes team click here:  

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The wild world is becoming so remote to children that they miss out – and an interest in the natural world doesn’t grow as it should. Nobody is going to protect the natural world unless they understand it
— Sir David Attenborough

Barnes fees

Depending on your circumstance there are different ways to fund your child's place at Little Forest Folk.

For detailed information on pricing and term dates please click here

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As a social-purpose business, Little Forest Folk offer a limited number of free places for full-time childcare to qualifying two-year-old children. If you are eligible for two-year-old government funding you will be eligible for our Little Forest Folk programme of free places.

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Your child is able to access 15 hours universal entitlement, 570 hours of free entitlement hours funded by the government from the term after their third birthday. This funding can be applied across the school terms (38 weeks per year) or stretched to cover a longer period of the year (51 weeks per year). 

We offer 30 hours of funded childcare to eligible families. Working parents  of 3 and 4 year olds are able to obtain an additional 15 hours of funded childcare provided that they meet certain eligibility criteria.  These hours will be provided from September 2017.

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There are two options for attending Little Forest Folk Barnes, all year round Full Day or Term time only Sessional Day. Full Days include breakfast, lunch and dinner, whereas Sessional Days are shorter days that include lunch. Both include a morning and afternoon snack. We ask for a minimum commitment of at least two days per week per child.

Full Day, Year round (51 weeks of the year) 8.00am - 6:00pm, £82.00

Sessional Day, Term time only (not including school holidays) 8am-3.30pm, £69.50

For more information about our pricing and how payments are structured, please follow the link below.

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Holiday camps


9:30am - 3:30pm, £66.00

We run holiday camps during school holidays at our Barnes nursery. We have a limited number of places per day so if you would like your child to attend, we would advise booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

If you'd like to learn more about our holiday camps, please follow the link below.

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Children must be at least two years old to join Little Forest Folk

We cannot guarantee your child a place at the time of joining the waiting list but we will keep you informed nearer to the time you’d like your child to start.

We ask for a minimum commitment of at least two Full Days or two Sessional Days per week per child.

We do ask parents to pay a £25 deposit at the time of joining the waiting list. This fee is to secure a place on the waiting list only.

An enrolment fee of £150 is required upon registration. This includes a set of high quality Didrikson’s waterproofs for your child. You will be responsible for ensuring your child is appropriately dressed in their waterproofs every day they attend Little Forest Folk.

To join the waiting list please complete the form below.

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Please note your child must already have turned two before the indicated start date. We cannot guarantee your child a place at the time of joining the waiting list but we will keep you informed nearer to the time you’d like your child to start.

Frequently asked questions

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page to find out more about Little Forest Folk and our nurseries.

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If you would like detailed information about how our waiting lists work, please follow the link below.

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