Barnes - Cooking Up New Recipes

Our Week in the Forest... 

Learning to master our balance and cooking up new recipes!

This week in the forest we have been practising our balance with activities such as the slack line, climbing logs and walking on planks! The children have been using their imagination when exploring these resources and there is almost always a story leading their play. We have had runaway trains, pirates walking the plank and even rocket ships flying through space. These activities have also mainly involved children playing as a group working together. It has been fantastic to see the children adapting their surroundings to follow their common narratives!

Our central climbing tree has also been a main focus for the children this week. It is a regular occurrence for our climbing tree to be involved in our imaginative play. It has been a ship, a treehouse, a machine that makes you fly and even a horse! The children have become very independent when climbing the tree and tend to only ask for help so that they can do a “big jump” off the top of the ropes. As the weeks progress, the children have learnt how to use their surroundings to support their play, and it is often the children who share the most imaginative ideas as to what we could do next!

Barnes 06:10:2017 .jpg

We have also started our cooking session on a Friday afternoon! Our first session was held last Friday and the children, with guidance from our fabulous new cooking teacher May, made some delicious Smoked Mackerel Pâté. The children managed to resist eating all of the fish whilst cooking and they were able to take home some yummy treats to share with their families at home! With all this fantastic cooking with May and in the mud kitchen, the teachers look forward to attending their future Michelin-starred restaurants, free of charge of course!

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Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk