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Our Week in the Forest... 

With half term coming to an end, we were reunited with our term-time children and ready for new adventures and mind-boggling discoveries this week in the forest!
We began the week with lots of role-playing experiences with the children eager to continue their theatre productions and show off their excellent costume creations. These were sparked by lots of ideas from the children through reading stories and coming up with their own interpretations of the characters. The Little Forest Folk theatre that was set up by the educators also sparked multiple games of hide and seek, with the children finding a great spot within the curtains where not even the beadiest of eyes could spot them! 
Throughout the week, the children have also challenged themselves through lots of physical play. We were faced with the challenge of a nature ladder which the children tackled with great confidence and determination. It was also very satisfying when we were able to bang the pan and the spade together at the top to show our triumphant success! The slack line was also a popular choice with the children this week, using it in different ways such as sitting, bobbing, jumping and balancing – experimenting with our bodies to see the different ways they could move. 
Morwenna continued her science experiments, creating curiosity from the children about the weight of different items and how each one compares to the other. We had lots of estimates from the children as they decided which item was going to be the heaviest and which was to be the lightest. This sparked lots of excitement from the children as they couldn’t wait to find out if they were correct when putting them on the weighing scales!

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Later on in the week, Amy received a visitor whilst she was creating awesome environments for us to explore and was quick to find help from the children. The children began to hunt for signs of the suspicious creature and noticed something on the way to the forest; “there’s a footprint!”. The children were extremely excited and were quick to discover that a Pirate had made his way into our camp and was about to eat all our food! Amy had managed to pin him to the tree to stop him from committing such a horrendous crime and the children found this hilarious as they spotted the villainous character!

This sparked a strong pirate interest in the forest and the children were quick to make innovative traps that were camouflaged as castles. With the possibility of pirates’ chests full of treasure in the forest the children were highly motivated to create special maps which they could follow to find the “X marks the spot”, adding a line to show the quickest route to take, guaranteeing that we would make it there before those cunning pirates!
With another jubilant week coming to an end, we look forward to what voyages we will be traveling next week. We hope you have a splendid weekend and cannot wait to see you again for even more forest-filled fun!

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Little Forest Folk