Barnes - Creativity and Discovery

Our Week in the Forest... 

Recording our findings and lots of drawing!
The children have had a week full of creativity and discovery. We have been using laminated minibeast and bird spotter sheets over the last few weeks which have become very popular. The children have enjoyed recording their findings and sharing them with their friends. We even managed to spot a wood pecker this week who has been visiting one of our new sites. It is exciting as the children first hear the wood pecker and then have the task of trying to spot it, which proves to be very difficult!
As the week progressed the children began to start using the spotting sheets for more creative means. They started by drawing animals and people around the animals, which were already on the sheets. Then they started to turn the pages over to start using the plain sides to draw faces and those important to them, such as mummy and daddy. In the same way when recording the minibeasts and birds they had seen, they would then share their drawings with their friends and educators! We have encouraged this creativity by bringing out more materials for the children to work with, such as cardboard and paper plates. From this we have had children making masks, animals and flying saucers. At Little Forest Folk our ethos has its foundations in child led learning, and through following the children’s interests it is so exciting to see how they adapt and repurpose the resources we provide them.

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This week, as we continue to explore and swap between the two new sites, the children have been going on lots of adventures! We have managed to find some new climbing trees on our adventures, which have become very popular. We have also found a new playing field which is a great spot for group activities such as hide and seek and catch the educator! The children have responded very well to our new sites and regularly ask their educators to go on adventures to explore and discover more of their new surroundings. 
Another fantastic week in the forest with signs of some warmer weather approaching in the not so distant future!

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