Barnes - Dinosaur bones!

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week the children have embarked on a wide range of wonderful adventures, creative activities and imaginative role-play ideas.
With a huge interest in excavation recently we hid dinosaur bones at our digging site for the children to find. The children then used trowels and spades to dig deep underground in search of bones. Once a new bone was found excess dirt was removed using special brushes! They then used skeletal pictures of different dinosaurs to try and rebuild them. They were proud to show off their amazing knowledge about dinosaur types and even discussed the different features of dinosaurs and the reasons for those features.
The children got creative when they designed their own mini parks. They built mini slides, swimming pools, climbing frames, buildings and awesome little flags! To do this the children were extremely careful with some very delicate natural materials as they tied mini knots, balanced sticks and leaves together and threaded materials together. The results were awesome and the children were so excited to show everyone their creations.

Barnes 03:08:2018 1.JPG

There was some impressive imagination when the children put on their own magic shows on a special stage. First, they built a volcano from some earth, then they used magic to make it erupt which terrified the audience. The show captivated those who watched and there was lots of laughter and fun for all involved.
With the continuing heat, we had a return of the incredibly popular paddling pond. The children had a wonderful time playing, splashing, sliding and jumping around in the water. Then they used the guttering pipes to channel water in different ways to and from containers. They worked very well as a team tested how many different pipes they could use. They tried to divert water as many times as possible before redirecting it back into the pool.
We are looking forward to seeing what projects the children will come up with next week!

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