Barnes - Embracing nature

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week the children have embraced nature, explored their environment and engaged in sustained creative projects in collaborative groups. Blackberry picking has been the most popular activity with children heading off around the forest looking for the ripest fruits. They collected them in small tubs and bags, rushing from bush to bush. The children had serious discussions about how many berries were needed in order for them to make the best paint, pie or soup. They also discussed which size and colour was the best!

Once collected, the children then set about mashing the berries to make their paints. They used carefully selected sticks and logs to stir, scramble and smash the berries into a pulp. Some children experimented with altering the texture of the paint by adding different amounts of water to the mix. They then painted pictures on paper, dyed sticks and even made their own warrior face paint. It was great to see both older children and younger children working together, all equally fascinated by the same activity.

Barnes 02:08:2019 1.jpeg

We have also been using some tools this week. The children showed great listening skills as they followed instructions around how to use our new hack saws safely. They cut elder branches independently learning how to use the whole length of the saw and to move the saw back and forth, smoothly and carefully. Each child was delighted when they had cut through their stick and immediately went off to create something with it. Some children then used palm drills to remove the pith centre, many also carefully peeled back the bark revealing the smooth inner part of the wood. Once completed the children finished off their projects turning them into necklaces, telescopes, pencils and minibeast homes.

Imaginative stories have also played a big part in bringing the children together in large groups to share their ideas and engage their collective creativity. We told magical stories about magical worlds. Sometimes we took turns to tell our own individual story and other times the children took turns to contribute to a shared story with each person continuing the narrative!

As the summer continues we look forward to seeing what new and creative ways the children will engage with nature in their play. We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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