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Our Week in the Forest... 

The children this week have had enjoyed both a variety of different activities and a variety of different weathers.
This week has seen some children take huge leaps forward in their confidence. New children are starting to engage in activities with their new Little Forest Folk friends. Other children are suddenly taking on a lead role play and directing their friends to keep a theme going.
We had a giant spider web this week which the children absolutely loved! They took turns to be a spider and catch all the flies that buzzed around. The children used language as a powerful tool to create a more realistic situation making munching, buzzing and flapping noises. They also developed their balance, coordination and agility as they had to navigate the tangle of ropes that made up the spider web.

Barnes    26:01:2018   1.jpg

We have also been on some brilliant adventures this week. We ventured out into the wind and rain exploring how paper airplanes fly in such conditions. We then studied the sodden planes as the rain started to wash away some of the crayon marks. The children commented on why the planes would no longer fly. On one adventure we found mini ponds in the hollows of a fallen log. Inside we found some tiny fly larvae wiggling around. The children were fascinated and had a very close look studying their movement, shape and speed.
A project has started up with some of the children. They noticed that some of the spring flowers are starting to come up on the forest floor. One child pointed out that some of the flowers had been trodden on so we decided to try and protect them. We collected lots of big sticks to mark out where the flowers are sprouting. Each day we check on the flowers to see if they have grown and if there are any more we need to protect.
With some time spent indoors on Wednesday afternoon it was wonderful to see the children get creative using a range of different media. Some used natural materials and play dough to make models. Others used natural materials and paints to create beautiful artwork and everyone used paper packaging and tables to create the most awesome tunnel ever seen!

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