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Our Week in the Forest... 

This week the children have been playing with a new level of freedom, friendship and fun. There has been an abundance of independence, creativity and imagination spreading around the children like wildfire. With such strong bonds within friendship groups the children are taking early collaborative play to the next level. Whilst engaged in prolonged role-play games the children have been listening attentively to each other and questioning and answering each other in ways that are far beyond their years.
An example of this was when a large group of children decided that they would become a family. This started with an open discussion about who was going to take each role. They spoke in such a supportive and cooperative way that they managed to decide quickly and with ease. Then everyone transformed into character – the mummy went about putting the children to bed in their house. She settled them down before declaring that she was off shopping for more food for the babies. When she returned they discussed what they would have for dinner. Then after some whispering the children suddenly came running out of their house screaming. Some of them shouting “he’s coming, quick!! RUN!!” It soon became clear that it was the Big Bad Mouse who was chasing them out of their home. The family hatched a plan to catch the mouse and put him in jail. Once secure they returned to the house to have dinner and go to bed.

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Communication has also been astounding whilst the children engage in more physical problem-solving activities. This week the children have been taking digging to the next level. Using a large spade, trowels, sticks and mini gardening forks to dig further and further down underground. With such a deep hole the children have then been using it to make bridges using planks. Whilst building the children were in constant communication with each other making safety statements, asking questions, giving instructions and testing out their ideas. There were also some beautiful moments as they finished their projects and celebrated together rather than seeking out an educator. They showed a real sense of achievement as they reached their shared goals.
Over the next couple of weeks, we are saying goodbye to a few of our wonderful friends in the forest. For any families that are leaving us we want to thank you so much for being part of the Barnes family and we all hope you have amazing and exciting adventures in the future.

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