Barnes - Hedgehog Project

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week the children have shown a remarkable ability to review, reflect and persevere. They have used trial and error, teamwork and a wonderful imagination to create and make.

As part of their ongoing hedgehog project the children have started to adapt their ideas for building a house for a hedgehog. After a couple of attempts last week the children decided that more planning was needed this week. They started by planning, designing and building their own hedgehog models on paper and clipboards. They were going to use clay and natural materials found on the common. Some children chopped up dried cow parsley stems to make hedgehog spikes, others used twigs and some tried to use grass. The children then formed their hedgehog shapes with clay using their hands, then they pushed in the spikes all over the body and finally added the details of eyes, nose, mouth and ears using sticks to draw in the clay.

Barnes 12 Oct 1.jpg

The Little Forest Folk-ers have also shown some forward planning as they set off on adventures to collect the best materials they could find to build their new hedgehog houses. They filled a trolley with carefully selected sticks, bark and leaves and we gathered it all together and stored it over night ready for use the next day.
The children have also been involved in a wonderful group project this week. They worked as a team to build a giant spider web using ropes in the trees. There was a wonderful calm collaborative atmosphere as they all worked seamlessly together to achieve something. There were great leadership skills as children more confident in tying knots explained how it was done to others. There was also some amazing role play as the children became protectors of their house under the tree and used their web to catch baddies!

Barnes 12 Oct 2.jpg


Little Forest Folk