Barnes - Letter stamps

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week it felt like winter finally arrived. On the beautiful, crisp and frosty mornings the children explored how the ice crystals melted through their touch and when the sunlight went on them. They explored the sounds made as they walked over the crunchy frozen grass. One morning we had lots of mist and the children talked about how mist is formed and how it is similar to clouds but not the same. We tried to see whether we could spot water molecules floating in the air!
They have also enjoyed investigating electricity and have been able to make their own circuits using some special conductive playdough that was very kindly donated to the nursery. They moulded the dough into the shape that they wanted and connected it to the batteries using a special connector to complete the circuit. The children were so excited when they saw the little lights shine out indicating that they had completed the circuit. We talked about electrical current, positive and negative charge and how electricity moves around a circuit.

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We also had some fabulous role-play going on this week! On an adventure, our Little Forest Folk-ers suddenly became the three little pigs and began to tell the story. Katie was given the role of the big bad wolf and the children went around the forest finding their houses made from straw, sticks and bricks! There was lots of excitement as they hid from the wolf and found a new stronger house! Back at the camp the children built their own ice-cream shop, castles and fire engines out of natural materials. They then used these wonderful creations in the role-play as they acted out stories and experiences together.
This week Amy from Little Forest Folk Wandsworth brought over some little letter stamps. This was hugely popular and the children engaged in stamping for hours. They explored the artistic technique of using a stamp whilst also discussing letter sounds or even trying to write their name or a word! It is so great to see such an earnest interest in writing in the forest at the moment.

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