Barnes - Little forensic scientists

Our Week in the Forest... 

We have started the week as little forensic scientists as the muddy paths have provided plenty opportunity for footprint identification and magical imaginings.

During our adventures, the children have been using their identification knowledge to seek out the suspicious dinosaur that appears to be lurking in our forest. With plenty of clues including dinosaur footprints, eggs and bones, there was bound to have been a dinosaur invasion.

During this role play experience, the Little Forest Folk-ers took it upon themselves to identify other footprints in the forest. We began looking at dog footprints noticing the three big toe marks which sat smoothly in the mud and experimenting with our own, pressing our boots into the cold gooey mud, observing intently the detailed patterns that now appeared from our wellies' tread. We then discovered something much larger, in the shape of a ‘U’ and the children couldn’t believe the size of a horse’s footprint, looking at its pattern and how close together its footprints were!

When at base camp, the children were eager to explore their domestic side as they created amazing houses out of sticks, using tree trunks as a perfect start, negotiating where best to put the sticks so that they would not fall over. Once the hard work was finished, the children set out to make their lunch in their new house, experimenting with different materials including hard mud and sand. We enjoyed exploring textures as we formed the mud into smooth cuisines, ironing out any lumps.

Barnes 11:10.jpg

Our Little Forest Folk-ers also enjoyed exploring their artistic side this week as they created some beautiful art using lots of different coloured paints on rocks and conkers. The red paint quickly became lava as it was mixed in with mud and water. We also used more natural materials, creating sculptures using soft mud to create little rectangular chocolates and biscuits.

Finally, we have also enjoyed observing some beasts on a much smaller scale to those with large footprints as they spotted some woodlouse on their travels on our climbing tree. Our Little Forest Folk-ers were eager to hold the mini beasts, being careful not to squash their tiny frames and they squealed with delight as they felt their tiny legs scuttle across their palms. We also found a small beetle which came to visit us on our snack blanket and the children ensured they kept the little insect out of harms way by moving him back to the forest floor where he could resume his trail!

We all hope you have had as fabulous a week as we have and we hope you enjoy your weekends! We look forward to experimenting with nature next week, exploring how the elements have changed our forest and given us plenty more learning opportunities!

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Little Forest Folk