Barnes - Minibeast hunt!

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week we have had some wonderful adventures and also some wonderful project based teamwork!
As summer continued to shine down on us this week we explored the varied landscapes of the forest, meadow, river and shrubs in search of different types of wildlife. The children used their focus and persistence to seek out and find a huge range of flora and fauna. As they pushed and swooshed their way through grasses that are 7 feet high they found two different types of grasshoppers, some beetles and as always, some slugs and snails hiding behind some large leaves. Whenever a new minibeast was found a small huddle would form around it so that everyone got a chance to take a closer look and study the features in detail. On one day, we found a spider that was carrying its eggs in its back legs and sat on its nest. The children were fascinated and wanted to take a closer look but they were also aware that we should not disturb the spider as she will have lots of spiderlings soon!

Barnes 15:06:2018 1.JPG

Projects this week have included the team construction of a bird’s nest up in the trees. Whilst walking in to basecamp the children collected a variety of cut grasses and fallen twigs in our red trolley to use to make a nest. The children worked extremely well together as they set about creating a rope-ladder and platform so that they could reach above the branch. The teamwork extended as they began to build the nest with some children passing grass up to others who could reach higher. Throughout the project the children maintained some fantastic communication skills with children listening to each other and taking account of what was being said.
We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing what new adventures we will be up to next week!

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