Barnes - Mud pies and mud soup!

Our Week in the Forest... 

With the return of some wetter weather this week, the children have been opportunistic in maximising their use of this wonderful resource.

When the rain was pouring, the children collected the water in pots and pans finding ‘run-off points’ from tree canopies and our tarps. They worked in groups to collect large amounts of water which they then redirected using our guttering. The children also got stuck into the idea of creating mini worlds as they channelled water through mini valleys to make mini lakes and rivers that led to mini towns!

Alongside water play, the rainy days also produced a wonderful amount of glorious mud! The children loved playing with this in a variety of different ways. The children wrote their names in it using sticks, created mud pictures, made mud pies and mud soups!

Barnes 16:08:2019 1.jpeg

We have also been more nomadic this week as the children have adventured around the Common exploring different areas and learning all about different plants and animals. They spotted an array of different types of butterflies including ‘Large Whites’, ‘Peacock Butterflies’ and ‘Blue Skippers’. We also noticed that our sunflowers in our garden had attracted lots of honey bees and a beautiful tiger moth that stayed on the flower all day! The children discussed the difference between moths and butterflies and how much they like the honey that bees make!

As the summer holiday camp begins to draw to a close, next week being our last, we will be sad to say goodbye to a number of our original Barnes explorers! We wish everyone who will be leaving good luck for the future and we hope to see you back for a holiday camp in the future!

Barnes 16:08:2019 2.jpeg

Little Forest Folk