Barnes - Muddy pools and new discoveries!

Our Week in the Forest... 

At LFF Barnes, we have decided to put in a formal application for Mud Swimming to the Olympics committee. This is down to the fact that all of our children would be Gold Medallists! We have had fantastic fun getting messy this week with the discovery of a new "enormous" muddy puddle/pool. The children have shown no fear jumping, sitting, wading and crawling through the mud. They have enjoyed running their hands through the mud and exploring its cool, gloopy texture! Once fully covered in mud, the children would race through the wet grass to clean their boots, and some children attempted to roll in the grass to clean their waterproofs fully. We also used some of our larger buckets and soap to make a 'welly boot washer' which the children enjoyed having a dance and splash in!

Barnes   27:10:2017   1.jpg

This week we have also discovered a new climbing tree. The tree had previously been out of reach due to the brambles and bushes surrounding it, however during the weekend the park rangers had cleared the brambles away, making a path to the tree. The new tree has fast become the main focus point for imaginative role play, with it transforming into a pirate ship, rocket and jungle. Many of our children have now become confident climbers and it was very exciting to observe them exploring these new obstacles and challenges. 
We have had lots of fun this Holiday Camp week and we were very happy to welcome back so many familiar faces from the Summer Camp!

Barnes   27:10:2017   2.jpg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk