Barnes - Natural craft

Our Week in the Forest... 

With their creative juices flowing this week, the children have taken natural craft to the next level using a range of materials to make amazing things!

Armed with sticks, twine and leaves, the children made their own stick person by carefully binding the sticks together to make the head, body, arms and legs. They then used some soft green leaves to make clothes by carefully weaving the stems in between the twine. The results were amazing and the children’s creativity didn’t stop there as they discussed who their model was. Some decided that they were forest fairies with wonderful green dresses, magic wands and fairy dust! Others became family members, super heroes or friends.

Painting has also been a big feature this week as the children have explored shape, colour and form to express their ideas on paper. They used poster paints, pencils, paintbrushes, sticks, leaves and of course their own home-made blackberry paints to create their masterpieces.

Barnes 9:08:2019 1.jpeg

Every day this week the children have initiated adventure walks, excitedly discussing where they want to go and what they want to do. Blackberry picking was often par for the course of the day as the children made plans for potions, smoothies, face painting and artwork! We also had a group that wanted to build an obstacle course so we headed into the woods and found lots of logs. The children then worked together to move them into a long line for balancing along. They held each other’s hands over the logs that were very wobbly and were very excited that they had created it themselves. Soon the children decided that their line of logs had become a train complete with 9 carriages and a driving seat. It was amazing to see their collaboration as they shared their ideas and got lost in their role play!

We can’t wait to see where the children will take us next week!

Barnes 9:08:2019 2.jpeg

Little Forest Folk