Barnes - Pirate Ships and Adventures!

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week has been full of Halloween fun, multi-sports, pirate ships and all sorts of adventures on our new climbing tree.
The first multi-sports session went ahead this week. The children loved it as they explored football skills with a fabulous Rocks Lane coach. The coaches were impressed with the coordination and skill displayed by our wonderful Little Forest Folk children!
Out in the forest the new climbing tree has really sparked the children’s imagination and curiosity this week. The versatility in its branches allows a climbing challenge for all of the children. Some explore balancing along the long large horizontal logs. Others prefer to climb up as high as they can using the thinner branches to grab on to. We have seen some incredible resilience as the children persevered to achieve the goals they set themselves. One child screamed with glee when he finally made it up to the top of the first log after multiple failed attempts.


The tree has not just been for climbing though. The wild and twisted shapes that form its bows allow the children to see what they want to see. One moment it is a huge pirate ship with sails, anchor and fishing rods on the side. The next it is a house for a whole family equipped with bathroom, kitchen and dining room. When there are conflicting views as to what it should be often there is a wonderful compromise. One child suggested that we have a “pirate ship house!”

The children have particularly enjoyed a book about dinosaurs this week and this has translated into their play. T-rex and the Velociraptor have been hinting in the forest all week! On one day we got the clay out so that the children could create dinosaurs of their own. It was incredible to watch the concentration and creativity of the children as they set about the task independently. Many were able to describe what they had made detailing all the interesting features of their creations!

Barnes   27:10:2017   2.jpg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk