Barnes - Rope swing

Our Week in the Forest... 

We have had a wonderful Spring week, we spent time digging in our vegetable patch and planted lavender and chives. Our Little Forest Folk-ers are so passionate about tending to their seeds making sure they have plenty of water. We're looking forward to monitoring their growth in the coming weeks, this is a great learning opportunity for the children and sparks their curiosity. 
We have been working as a team to achieve our goals this week. We worked together to build a swing, by using ropes and branches. The children discussed how they would create the swing and then put their ideas into action! First they had to find the perfect tree... the tree the children chose also had an upper branch to hang onto, and children enjoyed taking turns and counting how long they could hang onto the branch for, each trying to reach the longest time! These types of physical activities are great for the children's strength and balance, naturally developing their confidence.

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We put our creative hats on this week and had lots of fun mark making on river stones which Mar brought back from her trip to Edinburgh. Our Little Forest Folk-ers practised writing their names, patterns and symbols. We also had a musical session with the children playing the guitar and creating dances in the forest.
As usual, the children couldn’t wait to go hunting for mini-beasts using our mini-beast spotters. They found lots of different creatures in the forest and they were fascinated to find out more about them and where they lived.
We cannot wait to see what adventures next week brings and we hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Little Forest Folk