Barnes - Spring blossom!

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week we have had parents join us in the forest for Stay and Play. It was wonderful to see the parents get fully immersed in their children’s play. Many of the children got very excited and ran around showing their parents all the wonderful things that they do in the forest. Thank you for making it such a special week.
The blossom is starting to come out on some of the trees in the woods and the children have loved looking at it. It has even been warm enough to take coats of this week! These exciting signs of spring often spark up conversations amongst our explorers. Some wanted to take a closer look and used magnifying glasses to study the petals’ colours, shape and texture.

Barnes  16:03:2018  1.jpeg

With some warmer weather, we have seen an increase in the amount of forest minibeasts and animals that we have encountered. We have seen lots of squirrels busying themselves on the forest floor collecting goodies. Crows have been spotted pulling worms from the mud. Woodpeckers can be heard making that wonderful noise as they drum the tree and there are lots of robins fluttering around nearby. This has inspired the children to talk more about animals and what they eat, where they live and what they like to do.
This week we have also explored some new areas of the common and the children have revelled in a new climbing tree with new challenges, a leafy mini bridge to practice their jumping, and a wonderful new den where the children always spark up fantastic role-play scenarios!
We can’t wait to find out what wonderful experiences we will be taken on next week!

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