Barnes - Stripy snails

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week the holiday camps have continued and so has the wonderful dynamic of an increased range of ages in the forest. The children have formed groups from 2 to 6 year olds and they have played and learned so much from each other.
Slugs and snails have been a major feature this week. On the walk into the forest each day, the children have spotted beautiful stripy snails of varying size and some super slimy slugs slithering around in the wet grass and nettles on the bank. The children studied them closely commenting on the shape, size and textures that they could see and feel. They took turns to hold them, care for them and place them back in the natural environment.

Barnes 13_04_2018 1.jpg

The children this week have also been involved in some wonderful creative activities with sticks, string and clay. They have made mobiles, guitars, mini houses, dragons, planes, cars and dinosaurs using resources we provided combined with objects found in the forest. The fine motor skills on display were incredible and the end result from each project was something to be proud of! The children helped make a hanging display for all of their models so that everyone could admire them!
Adventures have also been a key feature this week as we trekked off to find our own mini houses amongst the younger part of the woodland. On the way, we found signs of spring everywhere we looked, from blossom to daffodil, from new leaves to the ever growing nettles and brambles! The children revelled in the new greenery and made small areas their ‘homes’ amongst the small beech and hazel trees. A patch of ferns became a living room, some arched branches became the door way and little nooks and crannies amongst the foliage became the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom!
Thank you to all of the holiday campers for making this Easter break a special one in the forest for everyone!

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