Chiswick - A dragon visit!

Our Week in the Forest...

This week has brought us some exciting weather and lots of puddles to go with it. The children have enjoyed investigating all the new and different textures around them and we have been on lots of exciting adventure walks to inspire our Little Forest Folk. 

The children set up an imaginary camp, with Otis tasking us with different duties like collecting wood for a fire and then building a campfire to keep us all toasty and warm. We spent our days spotting animal friends and seeing what wildlife we could spot in the trees. When we fancied a rest we simply lay on the ground under a tree and described to each other what was above. 

Chiswick 1.jpeg

dragon visited us in the forest! Rachel created a pulley system so the dragon riders could flap the dragon's wings as they rode on its back. There was lots of excitement to be had when riding a dragon, soaring above the ground through the clouds and breathing fire!

We've had lots of other forest fun this week, with helicopter stories created by the children, a fantastic opportunity to explore their imagination. We also had bumpy train rides on a tree log, with the children squealing as they swerved around corners. The woodland rung with laughter as our Little Forest Folk rolled down the hill with Georgia. We even squeezed in a story time trip to the Library one afternoon!

As we move into December we can’t wait to see what our children will discover

Chiswick 2.jpeg

Little Forest Folk