Chiswick - Dinosaur play

Our Week in the Forest...

This week we have seen a lot of wet weather which makes us think summer might nearly be over for us! Fear not though as there were no sad faces at Little Forest Folk as all the children were thrilled to see some rain which in turn made some perfectly gooey mud ready to use in their creative mud kitchen cooking sessions. 
The muddy puddles were also the perfect environment for the children's dinosaur play this week. There were a few big puddles which became a great swimming pool for the dinosaurs to play in. The children also built a fantastic playground for their dinosaur friends using logs that were hollow in the middle. 

Chiswick 17:08:2018 1.JPG

The educators also had a great time telling the children a story about the missing "hedgehogs" in the forest this week. The children were told that all of the chestnut shells that they find on the forest floor are the "baby hedgehogs" that need to be returned to their home. The children had an amazing time hunting for them all over the gardens on their adventure walks and even around base camp. We made snug little homes for them and managed to collect hundreds of them throughout the week! 
This week we had a special treat from Georgia as she had spent some time making a variety of sensory bottles for the children to use in the forest and back at our indoor site. They were fascinated by the way the glitter moved in each bottle when they turned them upside down and they enjoyed the different colours each of the bottles held. The children were very good at taking turns with them and also helped create a calming atmosphere.

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Little Forest Folk