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Our Week in the Forest...

Outings to the library, fruit and vegetable stall and Waterstones!

This week has been very busy for the Chiswick team settling all of our lovely new families into the forest! It has been so exciting meeting all of the new children and parents and introducing them to our forest nursery. Whilst we have been settling in our new children, our full time little ones have been going on plenty of outings and adventures throughout the week!

Our first outing was to the library where the children were all able to explore new literature that we don't have at the nursery. The children were able to choose a book and then bring it over to their teachers to have the book read to them. Some of our children were able to read the books themselves and one child read his book to his friends, practicing his reading and sharing his story.

Our next trip was to the fruit and vegetable stall the following day. We walked the children to the high street and they were all able to choose their own fruit! The children picked a great variety including watermelon, figs and plums! When we returned to our indoor space we cut up all the fruit and let the children try the variety we had selected and challenged them to try identify each fruit. We had so much fruit left over that we decided to make a yummy smoothie as our lunch time pudding!

Chiswick 30.08.2019 Collage 1.jpeg

Our final outing this week was to Waterstones. We explained to the children that we would be buying two new books for our nursery and that we would go to the store and read a few choices before deciding, as a group, which books we wanted to purchase. The children were all very well behaved and showed fantastic road safety as we walked up the high street. The children read about 10 books before deciding on 'Mighty Min' and 'A Little Bit Brave' as their choices as new books for the nursery!

Throughout the week we have been enjoying the outings in the morning and then in the afternoon we have been on great big adventure walks in Chiswick House! We played lots of different games and visited all of our favourite places in the grounds. It has been a week full of laughter and fun but it has also been sad to be saying goodbye to some of our children as they move onto school next week!

We wish all of our lovely children and families moving on this week all the best as they transition to school and we look forward to having them visit during future holiday camps!

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