Chiswick - Forest Poem

Our Week in the Forest...

We have had such a wonderful time playing in the autumnal forest this week and we were inspired along with the children to create a poem all about it for you!

A chill in the morning air,
Our gloves and beanies make a pair, 
To keep us warm while playing about, 
Our mummies and daddies are missing out! 
All the fun we have had this week,
Making pizza, pasta and pancakes galore, 
We even balanced on the zip line like a see saw!

Chiswick 23:11:2018 1.jpeg

We even travelled to outer space, 
On our rocket ship that glided with grace,
Until it came tumbling down, 
And made us all frown! 
The children needed to find a quick fix, 
So they made a big hole to stuff leaves and sticks,
Which indeed did the trick! 
Hooray they all cheered, 
Before heading off for a celebratory picnic! 
We saw lots of leaves all over the ground, 
We turned them into a huge leaf mound. 
Jumping and kicking everywhere,  
It’s nice to play without a care! 
Running and jumping in the puddles all day,
Winter is definitely here to stay!

Chiswick 23:11:2018 2.jpeg

Little Forest Folk