Chiswick - Lollipops and Helicopters

Our Week in the Forest...

It was a glorious day to be back at Kew again with the sun shining and keeping us warm. Half of the children went on a leaf hunt, filling their hoods with all the different types of leaves they could find. We were able to compare the shapes and sizes and talk about the different trees they had come from. We were also able to notice the changing colours of the leaves and the speckled patterns that some of the leaves had as they had begun to change colours before falling. We then got busy making leaf kebabs, lollipops and helicopters with a variety of leaves and sticks.

The rest of the children were keen to visit the hive again. We used the lolly sticks to feel and hear the ‘buzzing’ of the bees in the hive and went upstairs to listen to the ‘humming’ music and see the lights. We enjoyed lying on or bellies and peering down through the floor at all the people below us. We then went into the conservatory to see what we could find in the tanks. In the pond we watched the giant fish swimming around, noticing the patterns of one fish’s scales who looked like the rainbow fish and the long whiskers of the large catfish. To finish off our walk we headed up to the temple of Aeolus where we could see over parts of the gardens. While some of us stopped for a quiet reflective moment overlooking the gardens, others enjoyed making marks in the dry dirt.

Chiswick 03.11.17  1.jpg

For All Hallows Eve we enjoyed dressing up and having our faces painted. Most of us wanted to be spooky skeletons, spiders, cats and pumpkins. We carved a pumpkin in the forest and scooped out the insides, although none of us wanted to touch the slimey inside of the pumpkin with our hands. Then we decided to make it a forest pumpkin and filled it with leaves and dirt. Most of the children were excited about going trick or treating after nursery.

A new rope challenge in the forest set up like a spider’s web presented some new opportunities for commando crawling underneath, crawling and balancing across the top and playing inside the sections as the spider’s web became part of the children’s role play.
Our den this week also saw some changes as it transformed into a tepee. The children enjoyed creating this new space and using it in their play.

Fulham 03.11.17  2.jpg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk Chiswick