Chiswick - Making pancakes!

Our Week in the Forest...

This week we celebrated pancake day by making our own pancakes! We talked about what ingredients we needed before counting out the scoops of flour, cracking the eggs and pouring out some milk into our own individual bowls. Whilst we stirred all of our ingredients together, we talked about the texture of our batter and how it had changed, and we also made sure to get all the lumps out! Then it was time to cook! Whilst the educators cooked them, the children, with some of the educators, cut up a range of fruit: kiwis, bananas and strawberries which were then added to the top of the pancakes along with raspberries and blueberries. For those who fancied it, we also added a dash of honey. The pancakes were gobbled up for snack and we had twenty happy children!

Chiswick 08:03:2019 1.jpeg

This week we have also been exploring with clay, learning how to shape and mould the clay to create our own designs. Most of the children tried to create their own animals or people with some great artistic results. We had to learn how to join the clay together and how to shape it into balls and cylinders to make the heads, bodies and arms. One of our children made a great swamp monster just like ‘Room on the Broom’!
We have also noticed all the camellia trees out in bloom now both at Kew Gardens and at Chiswick House and Gardens. This week we were able to collect some of the lovely flowers that had fallen on the ground, comparing the colours of the petals which ranged from white to light pink, to a darker pink that was almost red. We are hoping to use our petals to make a spring artwork masterpiece!
We cannot wait to see what next week brings and we hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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