Chiswick - Making poppies

Our Week in the Forest...

We started this week at Kew making poppies for Remembrance Day. Using red and green pipe cleaners the children carefully followed instructions to cut their pipe cleaners in half, shaping them into circles, twisting the ends to secure and cross them to make a flower shape. This was a great opportunity for the children to demonstrate their ability to listen to and follow instructions, watching Amie and then having a go themselves. They were very proud of the poppies they created and wore them proudly throughout the day.
At Chiswick, we were celebrating money week with activities focused on understanding and using money. We had some paper notes, pretend coins and talked about what the notes meant, looking for the numbers that told us how much each note or coin was. Some of our children could even tell us that fifty pounds and fifty pounds made one hundred! We learnt about currency in different countries and used our world map to look at where different countries were located and what currency they used.

Chiswick 16:11:2018 1.jpeg

We even had an ice cream shop where the children had to spend money to make their own ice creams, paying for the different toppings they wanted. It all tasted delicious! 
With some new bug hunting cards the children found renewed interest in searching for bugs under logs in the forest. They were able to name the bugs and find them on the sheet, counting the number of worms and describing their features: long, fat, thin, short. It is great to see some of the older children using their phonemes to sound out the mini beasts and check that their guesses are correct, realising that centipede doesn't start with "m" and it must be a "millipede".

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