Chiswick - Mazes, harvesting potatoes and a tree house!

Our Week in the Forest...

Mazes, harvesting potatoes and a tree house!

This week the children have been exploring mazes set up by our fabulous Jepha. She used sticks and the foliage on the floor to map out paths that the children then had to negotiate to find the exit! It challenged the children to problem solve as they tried to work out the maze. Jepha continued to challenge the children by changing the maze course after each round of children had a turn!

The following day the children asked to make their own mazes with the support from the teachers and constructed mazes for their friends to attempt! It was great to see the children building on Jepha’s ideas and being creative!


We have also been very active in our allotment space this week and have started harvesting some of our produce! This week we harvested our potatoes!! It is very exciting now that the children are able to see the results from their hard work maintaining the kitchen garden!

We have also been very busy constructing this week and have been building tree houses and platforms for the children to climb and sit in. The children have used these constructions to aid their imaginative play and have interpreted each structure to follow their narrative!

We hope you all have a lovely sunny weekend!


Little Forest Folk