Chiswick - Minibeats!

Our Week in the Forest...

Another exciting week has come to an end at LFF Chiswick. 

Our children became entrepreneurs when they opened and ran a successful beauty parlour and hair salon, complete with (literal) mud masks and curling wands made from sticks. Even the prices were reasonable - ‘This make-up costs £5, Lil!’. The booming business extended into a café, with the ever popular mud cakes, coffees and worm pie – yum!

The uses for our hammock changed daily, from a bed to a boat to a rollercoaster to a train, and the children were brilliant at turn taking so that everyone could have a go on the ever-changing hammock. We saw a number of children challenging themselves a little bit more each day on the slackline, bouncing a bit higher and moving a bit quicker each time. The determination and courage of our children is most impressive, as well as the unwavering support they give one another - ‘You can do it, just two more steps!’

Chiswick   26:01:2018   1.png

Mid week we had some wild weather and spent our day inside, bringing some of our favourite outdoor activities indoors. The children got crafty with clay, making enough animals to fill a zoo, and rushed them to the clay vet if a leg or ear fell off. We did plenty of letter writing and drawing, and finished up with a hilarious puppet show about a grumpy worm.

Later in the week, Rachel and the children went on a slug identifying walk, and found a leopard slug squished up into a small blob. The children had lots of questions, such as what they eat and how big they get. Rachel told them that leopard slugs are good for your garden as they eat the other slugs who munch on your plants, and the leopard slug can grow as long as a pen! The children deducted that it was called a leopard slug because of its spotty pattern.. I wonder what minibeasts we will find next week?

Chiswick   26:01:2018   2.png

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