Chiswick - Muddy puddles!

Our Week in the Forest...

This week in the forest was very egg-citing with all the holiday campers. Most days we started the day with an Easter egg hunt. We were quickly hiding 25 colourful eggs in bushes, puddles and tree holes but the children were even faster finding them. The face paint was also a big hit for the children, who were making long queues to have their turn to get face painted.
As we had a few rain showers during the week, part of our site was full of puddles and mud that the children enjoyed playing in. They also had a wonderful time role-playing - preparing cakes, pizzas and lots of other delicious foods.

Chiswick  06:04:2018 1.JPG

On Thursday morning, it was the first sunny Spring morning we’d seen for a while.  We went to see the ducks with a group of children and we were amazed by the way the swans swam through the river so majestically. We got to see a swan landing in the water giving us a beautiful National Geographic moment.
We can’t forget to mention how musical this week was. We had a guitar with us in the forest for a couple of days which was played by our lovely educator Rachel, we sang along to songs we were all familiar with. We even used sticks pretending they were instruments such as flutes and saxophones. Some children took turns one by one to sing and act their favourite songs. A beautiful concert led and managed by the children!

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Little Forest Folk