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Our Week in the Forest...

This week in the forest the children have been very creative making their own small world spaces using natural resources. They were given a small circular space outlined using twine and sticks. They were then encouraged to create whatever they would like within this space. The children discussed possible ideas but agreed on making a castle! The castle was built using sticks for its infrastructure and using larger sticks to hammer them into the ground. As the castle began to grow the children continued to discuss what a castle needs. They decided that it would also need a moat and a draw bridge!
They began to dig around the circular space to make a defence moat and then constructed a draw bridge using a piece of bark and string. They spent around three hours on this activity on and off throughout the day, and would return with different resources to add to it. At the end of the day our Little Forest Folk-ers decided to recycle their castle and use the twine to make fishing rods! The children continued this creativity and construction throughout the week with the children making houses, dens, ponds and playgrounds, working together to create wonderful things!

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They have also been very imaginative during their morning adventures into the forest. One morning, a child thought they had seen a black tongue in the forest and heard rustling, which convinced the children the Gruffalo had come to visit! The children did their best to quietly find and track the Gruffalo looking for tracks and listening out for any suspicious noises. The children were unable to track the Gruffalo down but all managed to reach the camp in one piece! Later on, in the week, the children were pretending to be wolves and decided on collecting any feathers they could find in the forest to create their own swan!
It has been such a lovely week in the forest and we have been enjoying the warmer temperatures and sunshine! We hope our sessional children have a lovely half term and we look forward to holiday camp next week!

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Little Forest Folk