Chiswick - Number games!

Our Week in the Forest...

This week has been another hot and sunny one, so our Little Forest Folk-ers have been exploring the forest for the best shady spots! We've found the shade of the trees to be the best place to be when the weather is so warm, this means we can play and have lots of active fun as usual.
On our days at Kew Gardens, we played number games with the children where we showed them a choice of numbers and asked them to collect items to match. The children found it a bit tricky, but with great enthusiasm and persistence they really excelled in this activity!
Our visit to Waterstones to buy new books last week gave us a great story called "Quick, Quack Quentin". The story revolves around Quentin losing the 'a' from his quack and trying to use letters from other animals to try and fix it. This has led to some great letter recognition and swapping games based around our children's names.

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Chiswick House and Gardens is taking part in a garden competition so we visited the kitchen garden to collect windfall apples. Working in pairs the children had to share the big buckets between them so that they could try to collect the apples to help the gardeners Andy and Rosemary. Showing such fantastic team work to get the task in hand finished! It's so lovely to support Chiswick House and Gardens and the children love to help look after the beautiful surroundings we spend our days in.
Today we were surprised by one of the beautiful horses from the circus being taken for a walk in the woods. The children were so captivated and enjoyed watching how the horse enjoyed his walk through the forest.
This afternoon has seen roleplay based around building, so the woods have been ringing with the noise of busy hammers at work. Young children played alongside older ones and one group recreated the log pile house from The Gruffalo!
We cannot wait to see what next week brings, have a wonderful weekend!

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