Chiswick - Balancing!

Our Week in the Forest...

 We have welcomed some new faces to the forest this week and it has been lovely to see how nicely they have settled in. We have also welcomed back many of our sessional children who we have missed over the summer holidays. There were lots of hugs to go around and stories to share of summers spent apart. The rain from the weekend left some lovely muddy puddles behind, perfect for jumping and splashing. The children got inventive making mud pies by squashing and patting the mud into patties between their hands and offering them around to be enjoyed by all.
The children have enjoyed having a rope bridge in the forest this week and the added challenge of balancing across the rope rungs to get to the other side before continuing on to the slack line. On Tuesday we set up a log swing big enough for two and the children had a great time sharing and taking turns on the swing. The rope swing became a pirate ship that took the children off on adventures throughout the forest.

7 September 1 Chiswick.jpg

A few of the children started their own forest band this week. They were belting out their own tunes and playing ‘stick’ instruments as they raised “money” for their efforts. It was lovely to see them pretending to play guitars and violins and sing into a microphone.
One afternoon we went on an adventure around the lake and through the long grass. The children enjoyed talking through the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ as we squelched, swished, tripped, splashed and tip-toed through the grass until we found the cave where the bear was hiding and fled back to the safety of our ‘tree’ house.

7 September 2 Chiswick.jpg

Have a wonderful weekend!

Little Forest Folk Chiswick