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Fun in the frosty forest

Fun in the frosty forest

Our week in the forest

Every day is a magical day in the forest. We are faced with obstacles daily that help us build the confidence and resilience we need.

We faced the coldest day in six years this week and embraced it as we slid across the slippery frost on the ground. We find the beauty in each season as the year flies by. Our children have a new-found love for ice.

Every morning we rushed out to see the river to catch a glimpse of it iced over.
We took sticks and tapped the ice to break it. It wasn’t enough to just tap the ice with sticks, we had to pick up the broken pieces too and smash them into smithereens.

We also found pretty leaves covered in frost and shook them on each other.

Active in the forest

Active in the forest

It’s snowing!

After exploring the frost, we did some sensory activities and brought foam into the forest. We pretended it was snow and jumped in the air whilst the snow landed on our heads.

We talked about temperature a lot this week and measured the temperature of the weather each day. We also measured hot things like our soup at lunch time and the water we use to wash our hands. We used the thermometer for these activities.

When it’s hot it will be nice and warm and it will be nineteen.

We challenged our children’s climbing abilities this week and allowed them time to problem solve as they tried to climb onto the really high swing we had set up.
Once they had finally gotten onto the swing, they swung, spun and laughed as Jose threw leaves up in the air above them.

Push it faster!


Stir it up fundraising

Complete with a pine cone and delicious mincemeat cupcake recipe card.

Complete with a pine cone and delicious mincemeat cupcake recipe card.

Have you ordered your jars of our mincemeat made-with-teeny-tiny-hands yet?

All proceeds will go to Crisis to help the homeless at Christmas.


With the coldest day in 6 years this week, we were sure to layer up and stay active. Please continue to dress children in lots of layers and pack spares in backpacks.

Can we please remind all parents to pick up their children on time, otherwise we may have to charge a late fee.

A few important dates for your diary;

  • Monday 19th December: Christmas Forest Party
  • Friday 23rd December: Last day of term
  • Tuesday 3rd January: First day of spring term
  • Friday 6th January: Inset day
  • Monday 13th to Friday 17th February: Half-term

What to wear

The forecast is still looking chilly next week, we’ve been testing some new forest foot wear and gloves that we’ll be sending details about shortly in case any parents are interested.

We’d like to ask parents to provide their children with crocs or other soft soled shoes to wear inside Piccolo just to keep their feet toasty.

Check out our recommended winter kit list.

Enjoy your weekend festivities !

Little Forest Folk