Chiswick - Dragons

Dragons in the forest

Dragons in the forest

Our week in the forest

We loved dragon week in the forest! The children enjoyed a week of dragon hunting, reading books about dragons, making dragon masks, flag decorating and having their faces painted as dragons.
We decorated our flags using paint. The paint was given to the children without brushes! The children were asked "What could we use to paint our flags?"

I know, sticks!
I’m going to use this leaf and do leaf printing on my flag.
We loved dragon week in the forest!

We loved dragon week in the forest!

We used our imagination and we picked up all sorts of resources from the forest floor to paint our flags.  There were two colours of paint on each paper plate which inspired some of the children to start colour mixing.

I’m mixing green and red and it makes purple.

We’ve been reading books about dragons this week. We’ve read ‘How to Catch a Dragon’, ‘When Dragons Are Dreaming’ and ‘The Trouble with Dragons’.  The book the children kept going back to read was ‘When dragons Are Dreaming’.  The children soon picked up the words in the book and began to join in whilst a practitioner read the book to them.  These books can all be found on Amazon.

On Thursday and Friday, we made dragon masks. We used glue to stick on materials that we found on our masks.

Mine’s an octopus

“Mine’s an octopus”.
The children used their masks over their faces and ran after each other roaring

RAWRRRR I’m a dragon.
Fun in the forest

Fun in the forest

All week we’ve been going on dragon hunts in hope that we’d get to see the dragon’s face. We managed to find out where he lived by following the clues and signs to the dragon’s house. We found dragon eggs, dragon teeth and even a part of the dragon’s tail to help us find his home. The children were proud of their findings and put some the the clues they found in their bags to take home.
We planted some philodendron seeds a few weeks ago and have been watering them with the children. We’ve watched the plants grow and have spoken about the life cycle of the plant.  They’ve enjoyed the responsibility of looking after something,

First it was a tiny little seed and now its growing.

We will have these plants on show during pickup and drop off times so that the children can show you their masterpieces.

Next Week in the Forest

Sometimes our children like to role play animals and make animal sounds.  Over the next two weeks our topic will be Jungle Animals. We will be looking at animal sounds, animal prints and patterns, habitats, zoo’s and making animal crafts.  


We hope you’ve enjoyed your summer and our holiday camps. We look forward to seeing the rest of our friends in September after the long summer break!

The beginning of term will start on Monday 5th September.  A reminder that Tuesday 6th September will be INSET day therefore LFF will be closed on that day.

A guide as to what children should wear

  • One pair of comfortable trousers
  • One t-shirt
  • One pair of socks
  • Closed toe shoes

Please make sure that your children have their labelled high visibility vests in their bags as they wear these on warm days.
Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.