Chiswick - Leaves



Our week in the forest

A lot of our children’s interests this week have been centered around leaves.  We brought a rake into the forest. The children had numerous amounts of ideas of what they wanted to use the rake for. Some children tried to create a path by clearing leaves. They called this path the road and it had to be used for driving only.

Others enjoyed gathering the leaves together and of course jumping into the bed of leaves, which is always a pleasant idea. We had fun piling the leaves together and we created a bird’s nest. The children role-played being birds in the nest.

I’m the mummy bird and you’re the baby bird.

The children spent hours in their beds of leaves and seemed rather comfortable in doing so.

Enjoying the leaves in the forest

Enjoying the leaves in the forest

There were two massive puddles in the playground at Piccolo which the children had obviously noticed and asked to go jumping in. We allowed the children time to appreciate the rain water and jump from puddle to puddle.  Some children jumped and some liked to get their hands and knees in the water too.

Look I’m swimming in the puddle.

It was Ben’s last week in the forest. We thought we’d surprise him and allow the children to give him a makeover.

Happy surprise day Ben!

The children took turns to apply Ben’s makeup on him. We had eye shadow that ended up on his forehead and lipstick on his cheeks. As you can imagine he looked beautiful!  We will really miss Ben and his amazing stories at Little Forest Folk Chiswick. When it was explained to the children that it was Ben’s last day, a child asked,

Ben, will you write some of your stories down in a book for us so the other teachers can read them to us?

Next week in the forest

We will carry on with being responsive to the children’s interests which has been leaves. We will provide leaf craft activities which will include painting, making collages and leaf masks.
We do apologize for not uploading snaps every day this week. We have had some technical difficulties which have now been fixed.
Our deputy Arturo will be away on annual leave for the next two weeks, enjoying the nature in Kenya. He will be back on the week commencing 10th October.

A kind request

We would be really thankful if you could kindly offer any spare clothes we could add to our spare clothes box. As winter is approaching we will need to take plenty of spare clothes to the forest with us as well as the ones you already provide in your children’s bags.
A guide as to what children should wear:

  • One pair of comfortable trousers
  • One long sleeve shirt
  • One pair of socks
  • Wellies
  • Waterproofs

Please make sure your children have fleeces in their bags as the weather gets unpredictably cold. I hope you have all received the new recommended kit list which has been sent out. If not, please let us know.

Upcoming Calendar Events

  • Halloween Spook-tacular Party: Friday 28th October - Book here
  • Parent’s Evening: Date TBC
  • Nafisa annual leave: 8th – 16th November
  • Christmas party: Monday 19th December in Wimbledon

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.