Chiswick - nose to nose with a giant bear

Our Week in the Forest...

The children have been fascinated by ropes this week, using them to fasten, pull and hoist. One popular use for the ropes was making assault courses! After setting up two parallel logs, we wound a long length of rope back and forth to create a web like maze to test our navigation skills. The children worked together, cheering each other on as they became faster and more adept at crawling, hopping and sprinting through the tangled labyrinth. Another use for the rope this week has been for building a new tree swing. Needless to say, the children have lapped up the opportunity to test their courage, swinging progressively higher as their smiles grew wider. Every one of our children were hooked, cheering on their friends as they waited patiently to share in this fun filled experience.
Painting has been an activity that the children have revisited excitedly throughout the past week. With the forest acting as the most beautiful studio an artist could wish for, we’ve seen breath taking landscapes and striking portraits come to life before our very eyes. Using only four colours, the level of creativity shown by the children has been truly remarkable. With the self-portraits, we spent time simply looking into a mirror, getting to know ourselves a little better. As the children put paint to paper, they showered each other with praise both for their artistic abilities and what they admired about each other. One child watched their friend paint with a smile one their face before telling them “I like your smile. You are beautiful!”.

Finally, all through the week the children have been eager to hear as many different stories as we could possibly tell. With stories both old and new, the children have spent their time on the edge of their seats, excited to hear tales of everything from dragons to fairies and fish. Enticed by the enchantment of these stories, the children have spent time telling their own stories amongst themselves. Also, being in the forest means we have the perfect stage to re-enact some of our favourite stories. The children made their way on a journey through the swishing grass and squelchy mud of the meadow, finally coming nose to nose with a giant bear. We retraced our steps home with haste, exclaiming “We’re never going on a bear hunt again!” (until the next time, of course). The transformative power of our children’s imagination is truly breath taking.

Food in the forest:

Menus will be changing next week as we head into April - look out for our tasty new dishes and menu changes which will be sent out over the weekend.

Our full April menu can be found on our website HERE 

New snack:

Butter biscuits with Rosewater
These are a little bit like shortbread, a buttery dough with flour, sugar and egg yolk. We flavour them delicately with natural rose water for a delicious summer flavour.


Have a lovely weekend, and for those who we won't see over half-term have a wonderful Easter!


Little Forest Folk