Chiswick - Splash, dig, climb, roll!

Busy in the forest

Busy in the forest

Our week in the forest

Splashing, digging, climbing, rolling, fishing.. what doesn’t happen in the forest?

We had a lovely big puddle in the meadow this week so the obvious favourite thing to do was to splash away!

Our children are extremely imaginative so with just one puddle we were able to play so many different games and all of them entertaining. Some children also became bakers this week when they made plenty of mud pies using the thick gooey mud from the very bottom of the puddle. Just scrumptious.

Other children liked to fill different sized containers with water and pour it on to a bit of dry land to make even more puddles. And some tried to find objects that would float at the top of the puddle and they also experimented by throwing things into the puddle to see if they would float or sink. The children initiated their own mathematical thinking whilst having plenty of fun.

There were also a few lovely windy days this week. On these days we loved to gather leaves and throw them above our heads. We watched the leaves float away beautifully in the air. The children were excited to see how the leaves fell down and they tried to catch the falling leaves, running into them with their arms outstretched.

Adventures and fun!

Adventures and fun!

We used trowels to dig holes in the ground so that we could play a game. We used mini apples and the object of the game was to roll the apples into the holes. The children sat patiently in a circle around the holes and took turns to roll the apples. We supported each other by cheering one another on. It was real joy to watch the children clap and cheer for one another.
As our children absolutely love using the swing, they usually ask to put one up in a tree. Over the weeks the size of the logs they’ve been choosing to use for their swing has gotten bigger and bigger. In fact, it’s not just a swing anymore it’s now a see-saw too!


Christmas Forest Party:
Monday 19th December
Remember to RSVP by Monday 21st November!

Stir It Up Fundraising for Crisis:
Support us by buying a jar or two of our Little Festive Folk mincemeat stirred by teeny tiny hands. To donate and find out more click here Justgiving. They will make wonderful Christmas presents for Grandparents. 

Daily Reports:
We're sorry to say that we are experiencing some technical issues with the tablet we use in the forest. Our IT system was tailor made for us and sometimes it's not until we try something new that we discover a problem. There will be a system update happening over the next couple of weeks so we'll keep parents posted.


As we are rapidly approaching the end of the year, please note that the first day back for the Spring term will be Tuesday 3rd January.

There is an inset day scheduled for Friday 6th January, nurseries will be closed on this day for essential staff training and planning.

What to wear

Next week is forecast to be rather chilly again and although we'll keep the children moving around lots, please do dress your little one warmly.

Check out our recommended winter kit list.

Enjoy your weekend!

Little Forest Folk