Chiswick - Spooky camp



Our week in the forest

We’ve had a joyful week full of exciting spooky activities! We’ve enjoyed the company of our fellow holiday camper friends and hope to see them again next holiday camp.

Our week consisted of a lot of pumpkins. We carved faces into them, drilled holes into them, painted them, rolled them and scooped out the pumpkin seeds. We used carving tools to carve faces into peppers and pumpkins.  This activity had the children involved in maths, covering shape, space and measure. Some of the children chose to carve square eyes and others triangular ones.

The children wanted to make the faces on their peppers symmetrical. Without realising, they were measuring the space between eyes. From this, they judged where they wanted to carve the mouth and nose.

As well as using carving tools, we’ve been using hand drills too. We carried this on from last week, practicing the use of hand drills and drilling into the pumpkins.
During the time we use to go on an adventure to explore the gardens, we found a little bird who seemed to be slightly injured. Our children showed much concern and empathy for the bird and asked one another

How can we help it?

another child very sweetly responded

Let’s make it nest.


As there’s leaves scattered all over the ground at this time of year, our children piled leaves together forming a nest for the bird.

Spooky :-)

Spooky :-)

On Thursday we hid chocolate coins in the meadow and asked our children if they wanted to go on a hunt. This was a very exciting activity as of course everyone wanted to find a chocolate coin. It was a pleasant way for the children to practice competitiveness although in the end everyone received a coin anyway.
We had a variety of Halloween books left out all week for the children to self-select. They took a particular interest in two books called "Peppa’s Pumpkin Party" and "Mr Men. Halloween Party".
Friday was our Halloween dress up day. Our children were delighted to present their costumes to their friends and teachers. A lot of role-play took place in the forest all day. What a lovely end to the week.

In the news
We hope that you all had the chance to see Little Forest Folk Wimbledon appearing on ITV London news on Thursday! It was very exciting to be asked to show off what we do, and explain why the concept of full time outdoor education and care is so beneficial to children.


Next week in the forest  

Next week we will go back to centering our minds on our usual forest doings. Allowing children freedom to explore and wander in nature.  
New Staff
We have two new members of staff who have joined our team this week which has made up our full team. We have Keziah who has transferred from Little Forest Folk Fulham to come and join us at Chiswick. We also have Stephanie who has recently completed her qualification in childcare. Both of their bio’s will be up on the website soon. 
Monday 31st October:
Halloween Spook-tacular Party
Date: Monday 31st October
Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm
Place: Onsite in the forest
Dress code: Not too scary please
All parents and children are welcome. Please take responsibility of your children if they are not booked in for a session.
A guide as to what children should wear:

  • One pair of comfortable trousers
  • One long sleeve shirt
  • One jumper/fleece
  • One pair of thermal socks
  • Wellies
  • Waterproofs

Upcoming Calendar Events

  • Halloween Spook-tacular Party – Monday 31st October
  • Nafisa A/L – 8th – 16th November
  • Christmas Party – Monday 19th December in Wimbledon

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.