Chiswick - Orchid Festival

Our Week in the Forest...

The orchid festival is in full bloom in the conservatory at Kew and some of the children enjoyed sitting inside the rickshaw on display. The fountain had fish and coins inside, and the children wondered why the coins were there… from people making wishes, of course! The children can now confidently tell the difference between orchids, snowdrops and daffodils. We talked about how Spring is on its way, read a book called ‘seasons’ and have seen a few birds tending to their nests. This gave us the idea to create our own nests made from sticks, leaves and ropes.
The week started off with lots of rain which meant lots of puddles! Due to the drizzly week, our forest set up involved lots of tarps and shelters. The children quickly turned the shelters into a prop for their imaginative play, pretending it was a house for a family, a party room or a construction site for builders. The rain also meant that the mud was a perfect consistency for ‘painting’, and we saw tarps, trees and logs splattered with mud.

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We have been rhyming lots this week! Lil helped us rhyme things with our names, Kellie made a rhyming song about body parts and the children made up rhyming chants all by themselves. The children are showing an increasing interest in storytelling, rhyming and putting on plays for the rest of the group and the teachers. We continue to story scribe with the children and encourage their love of literature by reading a book each morning before we head into the forest. It won’t be long before we read the children their own book of short stories, written by the children themselves!

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Little Forest Folk