Chiswick - Puddles Galore!

Our Week in the Forest...

We started off the week with puddles galore as we jumped and splashed our way across Kew Gardens. The rain brought about puddles, mud and lots of slimy mini beasts, which the children were thrilled to see. The wet weather also spurred conversations about weather and seasons, which the children proved they have a very good understanding of.

Our physical skills and coordination were put to the test this week in the forest with the addition of a wobbly rope bridge. Despite the children’s attempts to cross the bridge and falling in ‘the crocodile river’, they persevered and made it from one side to the other – phew!

We’ve been exploring the many uses of plastic piping this week, creating telescopes, megaphones, racetracks for acorns, rocks and balls, and waterslides. The children’s imaginations never cease to amaze us, and it is impressive to see what amazing ideas can stem from simple, open-ended resources.

Chiswick   19:01:2018    1.png

There has been a lot of collaborative play this week, from a children’s cooking show (spaghetti and rice crispies were the recipes of the day!) to a group of brave fire fighters noisily racing around the forest with sirens and hoses at the ready.

As we have welcomed some new faces to the forest, our veteran little forest folk have taken the new children under their wing and given them a thorough induction into life at LFF. The older children have taken it upon themselves to ‘look after’ the littler ones and ensure they remember the rules, stay within the rainbow ribbons, and know the words to the hello song!

The week has ended with some gorgeous winter sun, and we’ve taken advantage of the bright mornings by having picnics and adventures in the sunniest parts of our lovely outdoor spaces.

Chiswick   19:01:2018    2.png

Little Forest Folk