Chiswick - Santa’s workshop

Our Week in the Forest...

This week our room feels a little bit like Santa’s workshop, where our elves have been super busy putting the finishing touches on their Christmas ornaments. With the salt dough dried, the children selected different coloured paints and delicately decorated their ornaments, paying close attention to the details, and using a variety of colours with skill. Then it was off to the glitter station to sprinkle on the finishing touches. What beautiful results and a big thank you to Jacki for organising and coordinating all of our little elves!  

We have also brought some mathematical skills to our Christmas craft as the children created their own Christmas trees by ordering varying sized rectangles on top of each other from largest to smallest. Our clever and crafty children even came up with some ideas for making their trees even taller, ripping larger rectangles into smaller and smaller pieces until they were satisfied with the height of their Christmas trees. Some of the children even wanted to add a star to the top of their tree.  

Chiswick 1.jpeg

The slackline has been back in the forest to the delight of the children who, with renewed spirits have clambered aboard and balanced their way from tree to tree. It has been lovely to see them challenging themselves either on their own or in small groups and to see the interaction between two children as one attempted to support the other in reaching the top rope. When trying to lift him, and helping him to stretch his arm which he found hard to do, they persevered until they found a new way. It is lovely to see such a caring and supportive attitude in the forest without any interference from an educator. And the result...? In the words of the child who helped his peer “I taught him how to do it”.

A surprise drop-in from the parents midweek to share with us their appreciation for all our hard work this year was greatly appreciated by all the staff. We are all here because we love what we do, but it makes the job even sweeter when we know that our parents are grateful for the moments that we share with their children each and every day. A massive thank you to all of our parents for their kindness.

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