Chiswick - Surrounded by roaring lions and swooping dragons

Our week in the forest...

As Maurice Sendak put so simply in Where the Wild Things Are, “There should be a place where only the things you want to happen, happen”. Well, at Little Forest Folk Chiswick, our children have really put these words into practise this week, both in mind and body!
Lots of the children’s role play this week has been based around following their animal instincts, working as a pack to learn and grow. An array of animal print fabrics were strewn around the forest. It wasn’t long before we were surrounded by roaring lions and swooping dragons, to name but a few of our fantastic beasts. 
On our afternoon adventures, our explorers have been visiting our other basecamp. It’s wonderful watching the children reminisce and share their experiences and thoughts on the meadow. With these thoughts in mind, we have been thinking about how we’d like to change the set-up of the meadow when we return. There’s been talk of den building, assault courses and a tool workshop. As the saying goes, watch this space!

Just the same as when we explore the forest, turning the first page of a good book can be the start of a whirlwind adventure. The children have thoroughly enjoyed starting each day this week with an eclectic mix of fantasy and fiction. One book we read that was particularly popular was called Little Wizard. The children were thrilled to find out that, as scary as they may seem, even dragons can be friendly! We all talked about why we enjoyed playing with our friends, taking time to appreciate the little things that make each of us at Little Forest Folk as beautiful and unique as a winter snowflake. 
Finally, what better way to round off a great day than to dance and sing amongst the trees. The guitar has been a close companion in the forest this week. The children really know how to shake their tail feathers! We’ve played musical games, practised our best dance moves, and one of our children even gave an incredible rendition of a current chart topper! The glee that beams from the children when they are playing outdoors is almost palpable. The forest really is full of magic and wonder.

Our new February menu has been going down a treat with the children, our current menus are on our website HERE 

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Have a nice weekend and for those of you not with us next week... enjoy your half-term adventures!

Little Forest Folk