Fulham - Christmas Decorations

Our Week in the Forest... 

What a delightfully festive week this has been, full of creativity, imagination and inspiration.
It has been so lovely to end this term observing how the friendships among our Little Forest Folk have become so well formed, to see how much care and support they constantly exhibit towards each other and how confident they have all become at independently negotiating the forest together with their friends. The setting has truly become a place where they feel at home, and through the ideas and interests that they have expressed we are constantly looking at more and more innovative ways to support their learning and well-being throughout this magical time together.
The children have been wonderfully creative this week, they have made some beautiful Christmas decorations using pine cones, decorated star shaped gingerbread with May during our cookery class, made their own Christmas cards and added a splash of festive colour throughout the forest, followed of course by plenty of mud!!
Since the tree surgery has been taking place throughout Fulham Palace we have been offered a whole variety of tree branches and logs which the children have loved using as loose parts for their imaginative play and construction. We have also used this as an opportunity to discuss how these pieces of wood have been made as we will be introducing our hand tools back into the forest in January.


It has been exciting to have our new tepee in the forest this week, the children have loved having this cosy space for their morning snack, particularly on the very chilly and frosty mornings. We also had a visit from Mrs Honey who was very excited to meet everyone and introduce them to her amazing hat, the children really liked her storytelling and loved playing her hat games, hopefully she will come and visit us again…
Wishing you all a relaxing Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing everyone again in January, and of course hearing all of those Christmas stories.



Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Little Forest Folk