Fulham - Face painting and obstacle courses

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week in the forest it has been a cold but fun-filled week consisting of chasing bubbles, face-painting, obstacle courses and most exciting of all, getting ready to move to our new site!
With the temperature dropping this week, we have been finding creative ways to keep warm in the forest. After the tree surgeons cut down some trees last week, the children put them to good use by creating obstacle courses using the logs and benches that they arranged into a circle. The wibbly-wobbly logs and benches proved challenging to some, testing their balance and co-ordination skills but ultimately provided the children with a chance to work as a team as they helped each other get across.
While some chose to get physical, others were happier cosying up together listening to a story and getting their face painted.



As if the forest isn’t fun enough, on Thursday it snowed! (just a little but enough to get everyone excited, including the adults!). Although this meant it felt much colder, it gave us the opportunity to bring out the bubbles and warm up as we all chased them. The snow also opened up discussions about why it was snowing, what it was made out of and why is it melting?
From next week, we are going to be setting up in a new area for a temporary period. So, during the week the children have been working together to help move some of the logs to the new site in preparation for the move. Now that we are surrounded by ‘Christmas trees’ it’s definitely beginning to look, and feel a lot like Christmas over here in the forest as we move into December.



Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk