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Our week in the forest

It has been a week of sensory exploration in the forest; What does rain taste like? How can ice be smooth on one side and rough on the other? What sound does frosty grass make? Do worms smell like mud? Why do frozen leaves glisten like glitter?
The children’s natural curiosity and excitement of being with their friends in the forest has presented endless opportunities for new discoveries and learning, highlighting how the natural environment is consistently our most valuable resource. The beginning of each day has now been defined by the children’s interest in everything around them, each step presenting them with a new experience and adventure.

This appetite for new experiences has also taken our little forest folk to new heights, literally!! We have been astonished by their ability to climb the most challenging structures, even when covered in glistening frost, and independently walk along the slackline which takes an immense amount of concentration and physical coordination. Even our muddy explorers, after a busy morning excavating dinosaur bones, started leaping off the mud mountain into the frosty depths below…
All this movement and energy has been a perfect match for the chilly days and built up some ravenous appetites throughout the day, and what better time than this to then share their stories and discoveries in our log circle with our resident storyteller, Conor!


 We are delighted to say that we now hope to be full very soon so if you’re looking for any additional days for your little one, please do let us know as soon as possible.

 Holiday camps for February half-term are filling up, to book a place click here.

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  Invites for our Stay and Play week in March have been sent out, we look forward to you joining us for forest adventures! Please ensure when booking your place to select your child's usual day of attendance. We cannot accommodate more than our current booked numbers of children each day.

Food in the forest:

Our up to date menus can be found on our website HERE along with our most requested soup recipes YUM!

What to wear:

It is essential that all children wear their Little Forest Folk waterproofs, this is part of our safeguarding policy, the high vis and colours are for extra visibility and keeping the children safe. Children can wear their own coats but waterproofs must be worn over the top. 

Please can we request that sessional children arrive with their full waterproofs on in order for us to be able to head into the forest on time. We don't want to keep the main group of Children waiting so for any sessional children arriving not yet dressed we will ask parents to catch us up on the walk in once their little one is togged up & ready to go!

Please follow our recommended winter kit list HERE

As it is particularly chilly at the moment please continue to add;
an extra layer on top half, at least a double layer of socks, a hat and 2 pairs of gloves.

Have a lovely weekend, we look forward to more adventures next week!

Little Forest Folk