Fulham - Super Forest Folk!

Our week in the forest

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s SUPER FOREST FOLK!

The children donned capes, masks and headbands this week as they saved the world, one forest at a time.

Busy in the forest

Busy in the forest

Imaginative and dramatic play often occurs naturally in the forest environment, and the children’s creativity has thoroughly begun to flourish here at Fulham! We have used sticks as magic wands, leaves as masks and pinecones as the ever elusive dragon’s eggs!

The children of mixed ages very happily role-played together, each wearing a different cape and created their own superheroes and powers to share with the rest of the group. 
Our imaginations stretched even further this week, as we made a spiders web with ropes in one of the trees. The children demonstrated fantastic co-ordination as they navigated their way over, under and through the obstacle. We had many conversations about spiders (how many legs, what do they eat, what is a web made out of?) but sadly didn’t find any arachnid visitors on our mini-beast hunts this week.

To support the children’s growing physical development and motor skills, we provided a tent peg hammering activity, complete with woodland mallets. The children concentrated very hard and were all careful not to bang their fingers. 

Some of the children have been interested in knots and attempting to tie them at home. As we mentioned in previous newsletters, a rope is one of the best resources a child can have – the possibilities are endless! 

Super forest folk!

Super forest folk!

We try to encourage the children to be independent and responsible throughout their time at Little Forest Folk, for example packing up and respecting the resources and the forest, but recently we have found that the children are wanting to be more involved in the set-up of the forest each day. This is a wonderful example of the children being active participants in their learning environment, and also shows that the children are engaged in the space around them. 
At morning snack time each day, we sing our good morning song and any other songs of interest. This week, jingle bells was a hit (silly season has begun!), and we used instruments to play along with our singing. We used a kalimba (thumb piano), a seed shaker, a monkey drum, a rattan shaker and a double maraca! The children turned out to have great rhythm, and many dance parties resulted!
Despite having the coldest day in 6 years this week, we were sure to layer up and stay active. We enjoyed warm spiced apple juice in the afternoons which was not only delicious, but a great trick to help us warm up after a frosty morning.


Stir it up fundraising

Complete with a pine cone and delicious mincemeat cupcake recipe card.

Complete with a pine cone and delicious mincemeat cupcake recipe card.

Have you ordered your jars of our mincemeat made-with-teeny-tiny-hands yet?

All proceeds will go to Crisis to help the homeless at Christmas.


Thank you to all parents who have packed spare clothes in their children bags, but please bear in mind we expect the children to carry their own bags in and out of the forest, so please try and avoid over-packing.

Booking for February half term holiday camps is available to book if your child attends sessional days, term time only.  See email for details.  Bookings available to public from next week.

A few important dates for your diary;

  • Monday 19th December: Christmas Forest Party
  • Friday 23rd December: Last day of term
  • Tuesday 3rd January: First day of spring term
  • Friday 6th January: Inset day
  • Monday 13th to Friday 17th February: Half-term

What to wear

The forecast is still looking chilly next week, we’ve been testing some new forest foot wear and gloves that we’ll be sending details about shortly in case any parents are interested.

Check out our recommended winter kit list.

Enjoy your weekend festivities !

Little Forest Folk