Fulham - Warm welcome


Our week in the forest

A warm welcome to our Fulham children and parents - the newest members of our Little Forest Folk family!

We have had a successful week of orientation, site visits and settling in sessions, and have been especially impressed with how well our children have separated from their mums, dads and nannies during settling in sessions.

Our settling in process, complete with orientation morning and two half days, gives the children time to explore the environment with their parents, bridging the gap between home and Little Forest Folk, and ensuring both parties (parent and child!) are comfortable.

Relationship development between our children and educators is key to success in the early stages of a child attending nursery. This is an area which we focus on a great deal, and we find that the secure attachments which are formed during the first few months help our children to be relaxed, confident, active learners in their outdoor environment.

We have had a number of conversations already with our children and families, learning about home-life, family, likes and dislikes and hobbies -  it seems we have a few keen paleontologists among our group! Stay tuned for dinosaur adventures in the coming weeks!

As well as getting to know one another, we have already been busy with treasure hunts and finding fairies, we tip-toed past a sleeping dragon, built a ladder for our climbing tree, had a puppet show in our forest theatre, recognised our names on ‘tree cookies’, learned the rules of the forest (No picking and licking, be kind, if you want to go adventuring/toilet speak to a teacher, and don’t go past the rainbow ribbons!), used tweezers and magnifying glasses on our nature detective mission, learned our teachers names and told stories in our floating tent! Phew!
We are looking forward to spending more time with your little ones, and can’t wait to share more stories from the forest with you next week, when we officially open for full days on Monday, 17th October!
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback, or if there is anything further we can do for you.

Have a lovely weekend, and we look forward to seeing you next week.!

From all of us at Little Forest Folk Fulham.

Little Forest Folk Fulham :-)

Little Forest Folk Fulham :-)

What to wear

Autumn Time
Part way between the warm, long days of summer and the dark, cool cloud of winter, we want to ensure your little one has sufficient clothing to cover all bases. For Autumn, we recommend packing the following in your child's backpack:

  • One pair of comfortable trousers (jogging bottoms or leggings)
  • One long sleeved t-shirt or top
  • One thick jumper
  • One fleecy zip up jacket  (in a backpack just in case)
  • One pair of socks
  • Wellies / sturdy closed toe shoes (which you don't mind getting wet and muddy!)

On days when there is any rain or drizzle, as we often encounter lots of mud on our way into the forest, we would ask you to drop the children off dressed in their waterproofs as we do need to leave on time and don't want your child to get their clothes wet or muddy before we even start the day!