Fulham - Old and new friends!

Our Week in the Forest... 

Last week we said goodbye to some of our nursery children and this week we said hello to our holiday campers! It has been so lovely catching up with some regular campers whom we haven’t seen for a while and really great to meet some new friends. The children soon got chatting with friends old and new, and some of them made a plan to build a tree house. With lots of different ideas and lots of team work the children managed to build their very own tree house up one of our climbing trees! They were very proud of their achievement and tree house building has become a bit of a theme this week. Each day they have added new ideas to the design. One group made paint from mud and spent all afternoon painting the tree house, while another group erected an emergency evacuation slide, using a plank and tying it with a rope to keep it in place.

The children have also used their creativity this week to design and make bracelets, necklaces and watches using tree cookies, the hand drill, some string and items foraged in the forest. Some children made watches with moveable hands and one child chose to design a bee. As the week progressed and the temperature heated up, we looked for ways to stay cool in the forest. We have plenty of shade and the nest area with the climbing trees is one of the coolest places at Fulham Palace.

Fulham 26:07:2019 1.jpg

Each day we have been on an adventure walk to the walled garden, where the gardeners are using sprinklers to water the plants. The children and educators enjoyed running through the showers of water cooling off and getting very wet (but drying off very quickly!). On Thursday, we decided to have a go at making our own sprinkler system. With the help of some recycled drinks bottles, some rope to haul them up in the air and a pin to make lots of holes in the bottom of each bottle, we made an excellent line of sprinkling bottles which really cooled everyone down.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and cannot wait to see what next week brings!

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