Fulham - Puddle adventures

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week in the forest we have had a mixture of rain and sunshine which has allowed for lots of playing in puddles! We decided to go on a few adventure walks to see how many puddles we could find; we found tiny ones that we could only fit one foot in but we also found some massive ones where we could all fit in! Our Little Forest Folk-ers found a really, really big, deep puddle and thought that it may actually be a pond. They carefully waded through with the educators and it came all the way up to the children's knees. The children were delighted with this find!

During our puddle adventures this week, we noticed that some of the red berries from the tree beside the puddle were floating on the top. We wondered what else would float and tried some different things. The children made predictions before throwing in sticks, bark, leaves and stones. When they had discovered what could float, they used these different items as boats to place the people (made from tiny stones) into and sailed them across the puddle.

Fulham 10.10.19.jpg

This week, our Little Forest Folk-ers have also been developing their sawing skills further. They remembered all the important aspects about how to keep safe when using tools, like using gloves and staying out of the tool area whilst someone else was sawing. We cut lots and lots of tree cookies and the children used them to build towers. They tried to see how many they could pile up and also decorated them using the paints and pens, some even took them to the mud kitchen to use in their cooking.

Creativity has been central to the children’s play and learning throughout the week, using a whole array of media to experiment with and combine with the natural elements around them. It has also provided a great opportunity for them to develop their fine motor skills through manipulating materials like clay, using watercolours to paint leaves or scissors to cut and shape a variety of objects. It has made for a really social environment in which we can communicate our ideas and share resources, sustaining these interactions for long periods of time together.

We hope you have all had a lovely week too and have a wonderful weekend!

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Little Forest Folk