Fulham - seas of daffodils

Our Week in the Forest... 

We have had an unusual week in the forest brought about by the unpredictable weather patterns swirling around across the Atlantic, but this hasn’t stopped us having an absolutely great week, and even exploring rooms in Fulham Palace that we have never seen before…
In between the periods of windy weather, we have been exploring Fulham Palace and observing all the changes taking place throughout the walled garden, in the newly landscaped flower beds and among the wild areas of the gardens. The children have been counting the seas of daffodils, feeling the ornamental grasses and collecting the vibrant magnolias that have fallen off the trees to make fairy crowns, magical potions and bracelets.

Fulham 15:03:2019 1.jpg

When the strong wind came to play among the trees we headed indoors to spend some cosy time playing games and enjoying slightly different activities to our usual forest play. We felt very privileged to have been given Bishop Terricks dining room throughout the week to base ourselves when the weather become a little too wild, where the children set up tables for their playdough kitchen, created games that utilised the polished wooden floors and relaxed over a babycino whilst watching the horizontal rain stream across the windows.
Once the wild conditions had calmed down we definitely made the most of the huge muddy puddles that the rain had left behind. The children immediately transported the whole of the mud kitchen into a larger puddle where they even created an oven from one of the wooden planks, in no time pots of chocolate soup and cups of tea where streaming out of the ‘puddle’ restaurant.

We hope you all have had a lovely week too and we cannot wait to see what next week brings!

Fulham 15:03:2019 2.jpg


Little Forest Folk